According to the Strategic Plan of CCD, we are committed to deliver the best in our focal thematic areas having in mind specific objectives, some of them are given below:

Advocate for the civil and human rights of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan in collaboration with related government departments, donors and other civil society organizations
Build the capacity of DPOs and PwDs and improve social, cultural and economic situation of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan.
To build a productive network of stakeholders concerned for promoting the rights of PwDs and manage the administration and networking both nationally and internationally.

What we do ?

keeping the ACPD (Advocacy Committee of PwDs) functional , Advocating at the policy level of government , Working on alternative policies , Advocating at the Parliament level ,Capacity building of committee members and Coordinating with international bodies.

How CCD came up ?

CCD was established in March 2004 as a project of Handicap International and proved to be very effective; CCD improved and Expanded.was Registered as an independent local NGO with Code number of 961 in May 2007.

What we stand for ?

We stand to change the attitude towards  disability in Afghan society!.To create a positive culture towards disability in Afghanistan.

Who We Are?

CCD is a non-political, non-governmental, non- profit, and non-religious Afghan led local organization which provides services for the socioeconomic inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Afghanistan. Established in March 2004, initially as a project of Handicap International (HI) running till 2007, CCD was then registered as an independent NGO with the ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Our Vision

CCD’s vision is to create a positive culture towards disability through advocacy and building the capacity of persons with disabilities. CCD believes in the equal rights of all the segments of the Afghan society including the persons with disabilities in the all social, economic, cultural and political aspects

CCD is conducting a nationwide survey to develop a UNCRPD shadow report for the rights of people with disabilities with the support of DFID – UK Department for International Development 
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Disability is not a limitation