Maintaining core programs to consolidate the spirit of initiative, focus continuously on the quality of poverty reduction activities among people with disabilities.

We managing to Strengthening participatory development plans. Strengthening the operational aspect and the effects of the regulatory mechanism and Establishing internal working groups focusing on the principles of the eight principles of the Universal Declaration of Rights for Persons with Disabilities and Community Strategy for Rehabilitation (CBR).

Ensuring the management, based on education, experiences and dissemination of good experiences and achievements at the internal and external levels and Operationalization of communication mechanism, participatory growth and education. Strengthening the Research Capacity and Center’s Information Technology Facility.Strengthening Co-ordination and collaboration with National Institutes and Institutes of Research and Studies


at Ministry of Economy.


Ministry of Women.


Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs of Martyrs and Disabled

We Delivered An Policy Level

Of Individuality, Eccentricity,

Implementation Level, Community Level.

We can assess the plans and policies of all PPs in terms of disability inclusion and provide our recommendations we also can include the selected beneficiaries and members of organizations who are fitting in criteria of any of our service.